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Originally Posted by JustRay View Post
FYI: Here are my 2 cents about the prs-600. I bought it about 2 weeks ago, primarily to read the Bible and spiritual books.

Originally Posted by JustRay View Post
I wish there were a reader that ran Apple Ipod software or Windows Mobile. Now that would be cool.
Prior to using the PRS-600, I used free pocket eSword on a 4inch iPAQ 214 640x480 device with a converted AMP, ESB, GNB, MSG, NASB, NIV, NKJV version on it. Much quicker than 600, but I prefer the 600 when reading, clearer screen (no backlight)

Originally Posted by JustRay View Post
I had a lot of trouble with the ESV Study Bible on my PRS-600. Actually, the problem was not with the PRS-600 itself, but with the Sony Ebook Library software. The ESV Study Bible is a whopping 36.3 megs.
As far as I understand ePub's you need to keep the parts of the book small, so I divided my bible up into chapters. I wonder if the ESV did not. I assume its size is all the "Study Notes". Is this the one you downloaded?

Originally Posted by JustRay View Post
I have a receipt for the ESV, which I can email you.
Just send me a message, Ben has added them to his blog.

Originally Posted by JustRay View Post
ESV study bible (non-drm from crossway).
You say the ESV is non-drm, that is good new, that means I should be able to pick it apart add my index system to it and hopefully work out ways improving its startup speed.

Hot News: Just downloaded it and it is based on chapters which is good, when I get my 600 back I will investigate its speed etc. Works great inside Adobe Digital Editions. It may be just a case of cutting it down a bit, removing bible introduction pages, removing the pictures, reducing the TOC etc

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