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Syching The Bible on Sony Reader

I had a lot of trouble with the ESV Study Bible on my PRS-600. Actually, the problem was not with the PRS-600 itself, but with the Sony Ebook Library software. The ESV Study Bible is a whopping 36.3 megs. I had problems with the 16 meg TNIV Bible, but not as much. It isnt just Sony, Calibre cannot even load the ESV study bible giving a message that implies it is a bad file. However both the Sony Ebook Library and Adobe Digital Editions (1.5) load it easily. The problem happens when synching to the prs-600 reader using the Sony software.

However, all is working fine now, and so I have adopted the following, which work for me and may help others:

1. When loading a Bible, even if the ebook library software reports "not responding", just walk away for at least an hour or two before giving up...dont click stuff "hoping to make it better".

2. Do not sync a Bible. In other words, make sure the directory you put it in is not synched...or it can start synching even after it is installed and take a long time or just seem to lock up. It started synching once and I got fed up and cancelled it after a half hour, at which point it notified me that it had so far transferred 1 of 24 files.

PS: This article implies that Sony MAY be planning to move away from their much maligned library software, some future version of Adobe Digital Editions that can synch to readers, but that is not clear:
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