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Wow! Thanks for responding so quickly, sorry that I took so long, I will have to check back here more often .

The reason for the * was only that I wanted to pick a character combination that could in no way occur naturally in the document. I was afraid that something like 1jon1 or even 1jon:1 might already be used by a bible somewhere (today or in the future), particularly if it is a study bible. But I put that format as a suggestion only, without giving it a huge amount of research.

If you do think the idea is worth doing, then I would be overjoyed to have you execute! I currently have the TNIV (drm from the sony store) and the ESV study bible (non-drm from crossway).

But, first lets take some time to think about a good format that will benefit people no matter what format they are using. This way, once you have expended the effort, you wont have to do it again, and so that one format (if possible), will exist across all versions... looking forward to the day when there might be other programs that might key in on these could be establishing a standard here, you know! 10 years from now, millions of people could be either praising or lamenting a choice you now make !


etc.. etc...

I have also been wondering if the prs-600 search feature would find the tags if they were made invisible? And if that doesnt work, how about if they were made really small and colored white?

PS: Thanks again for offering to do this! FYI: I have a receipt for the ESV, which I can email you. I dont think Sony gives receipts for their books, as everything seems to be locked into their system anyway. I fully understand your attitude about not becoming a bootleg distributor. Not sure how you can handle the issue, going forward.

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Is text search really fast? I had assumed not. But I will give it a try.

In your syntax why the "*" star? and what about the book multiples. Does 1joh1 work for you? Or do you want 1joh*1 instead. Sorry am I missing the point is the "*" star a wild card?

I can generate a new KJ with search tags for you tonight, just let me know the format.

If you send me a personal message I can provide other formats for versions you have already bought.

This project is very much a "work in progress", so let me know what mods you want.

I still need to clean up the extern TOC and also do something radical to the internal TOC. I was hoping graphical buttons would work, but they only work in PDF format, not ePub. Shame. Still I think I can improve the internal TOC experience.

I took notes yesterday in the Bible Studies and found the little windows they give you anoying at best. So I am going to add some full page "Notes" pages to the end of the Bible where handwriting notes may be taken.
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