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Excellent review- I was looking into this light/cover combination. If I decide to keep the PRS600 (which so far looks like I will) instead of insisting Sony fix my broken 700- I was considering looking into getting this cover (whether trying to get them to send it,since they fundamentally sent me something different than what I expected with the exchange program) or generally a way to get a cover,other than the neoprene case included with the device,and also have a light (so I don't have to worry about carrying the flex light I bought for our 505s last year). It is a bit steep,but I look at it as getting a case with a light as a bonus.

It is good to see that the case could be folded back and comfortably read with one hand.So far when reading at night I've either done so with regular light,or the clip on flex light,if I'm getting ready to head to bed and don't necessarily want to get up again to turn off the light.

Thanks for the tip about Staples advert in the US,I'll have to check that out ,as well as check out other possible outlets to get the cover.
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