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Thumbs up like ybook with editing

Do you like reading with ybook or another reader for txt and rtf files, but get annoyed because you have to switch back and forth between notepad and your reader program to fix typos and formatting errors?

Do you have some heavy formatting or clean-up to do on text or rtf files?

Then Machine Age Reader may just what you need.

Ever since I found this program on softpedia it has been my default reader. I've been converting pdfs to rtfs in Calibre, but persistent problems with paragraph separation made them frustrating to read. Machine Age Reader has all sorts of useful clean-up and formatting functions as well as a popup line or page editing window so I can fix problems as I read.

some functions include:

clean punctuation and word spacing
connect broken lines
connect broken paragraphs
guess paragraphs
remove all numbers
remove page numbers
remove blank lines
remove double blank lines
separate paragraphs
tab paragraphs
trim extra spaces

All in all, this is one of the most useful reader tools I've found.

Disclosure: it shows a pop-up ad when it closes
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