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Xerxes has learned how to buy an e-book online
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Libre ebook reader Pro (Jetbook) -$149 at Fry's

Title says it all. Currently the page shows $169, but it changes to $149 in your cart. This is good at stores as well.

Introducing the "Libre" eBook Reader pro by Aluratek and the latest craze in the current digital revolution. Now you can digitally store and carry around with you thousands of your favorite books saving money, space and the environment. Aluratek's "Libre" connects to any computer with an internet connection for easy access to the most recent books that are published as well as access to free timeless classics.
After looking on the website, I wonder if you could just put the Ectaco software on it. Ectaco is pretending to get DRM support and at least with them you get a dictionary.

I was tempted to get one these once upon a time. Jetbook that is.
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