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Angry Iphone ereader new error message when uploading from fictionwise

Damn, following very helpful instructions on how to get around geographically restrictions when buying ebooks from fictionwise, I have been happily buying in the ereader format and reading on my iphone.

But today I went to upload a book a got the following message:

"An error occurred while downloading book book title: "That book is not purchasable or downloadable from your location."

sigh, so even though my account says I'm a US resident allowing me to buy the books I want, because I am uploading them from Australia, it won't let me.

Now I can understand why they have done this because they worked out that residents outside of the US had worked around the geographical restrictions.

The problem I see with this is that if I was a legitimate US resident and on holidays, and had roaming on my phone I still wouldn't be able to download books I had bought, because they are now obviously checking location of the phone I assume though carrier info, then their phone would come up with the location they were in.

So basically now I'm stuck with a whole heap of ereader books that I have bought but can no longer download to my iphone because of this new security measure!


OK update: can now upload secure ereader books to stanza, so was able to download to my computer and then share and upload book into stanza. yippee

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