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Originally Posted by slm View Post
I asked this over in the Astak forum but its equally relevant here and Leo is the one person who I'm sure actually knows some answers:

It appears to be possible to write programs directly for the Hanlin v3 and v5 (which are the same as the EZ Reader and Pocket Pro). (See for one such program.)

There are a bunch of obvious utilities it would be useful to have on the EZ Reader and the Pocket Pro. For example, a program that lets you select a file on the device or SD card and delete or rename it, or a program that lets you convert from one format to another. (While I'm wishing how about a port of the Calibre conversion tools!!)

I don't really know how realistic this is, or even in what language this stuff is written in. Do the v3 and v5 have a version of Python, for example?

Does anyone have any useful knowledge on how to do all this that they are willing to share?
Heck, i swear that even you can program a game for the v5 (dont know the genre, where you read and select choices, that kind of game where screens dont change a lot and is just a static image and below the only that change is the text)

Depends how you program it you can do lots of easy stuff (i wish i could learn that, then i could try that)
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