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Originally Posted by Aprilbeginnings
Yes it only makes sense since you use the program and click on the fonts that are on your system. But I do have at least one font at this moment on my computer but it will not show up in bookreader...... that font is BernardMod BT It just will not work...... I am sure not a font that I would want to use, but I am trying to see what fonts will and what looks nice.

It is nice we no longer need to convert, did that include LIT files as well or do we need to use amber for that? Oh wait, not it did LIT fonts as well, it was one of the ones I was working on yesterday that I was successful with...
Sorry, I can not add anything else. I do not know which font types are not supported by BD because I do not use embedding and didn't have enough experience. You can see that page turn became around 2-3 sec for books with embedded fonts and it is 0.5 sec only for the books with internal reader fonts. I tried to cut fonts and keep Russian symbols only - this can not help with page turning speed. So, I prefer speed then beauty

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