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Export to jarnal, then to PDF


Jarnal is a java note taking application ( It saves its notes in .jaj file which is nothing more than a zip file of a config file and one .svg file per page. Hand-writing are represented as <path d="Mx y Lx y Lx y ..." .../> in this svg.

On the PRS-600, there is one xml file which list all the annotation in the reader's memory Digital Editions/Annotations/database/media/books, with one .annot file per annotated document. This document refers to .svg files a directory in database/markup/database/media/books. In these .svg, the hand writing is represented with polylines <polyline path="x,y x,y x,y..." .../>

I've just tried to create a .jaj file, unzip it, and put the data of one of my reader's svg in the jarnal svg, converting the polyline in path tag (with a vim macro).
Then rezipped the files in new .jaj, and reopen it. The marking seems to be at the right place.

The nice thing is that jarnal can then generate a new pdf, with the drawing integrated. This can then be reprinted...

I will not be able to develop the script to automate all this before 2-3 weeks, so I post it here in case someone has the skills and the time. Otherwise I'll post a note when/if I can implement it in november.

Good reading.
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