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Originally Posted by Stargazer1 View Post
Richy: This battery seems to be the best candidate by far. The only two problems would be 1) What if the battery is too thick? (It looks thin, but what if it is "not quite" thin enough?), & 2) What if the connectors don't fit? (Just because it has 3 wires, the connector on the battery might not be the same size as the receiving connection slot on the device).

However, as I stated, it is the best candidate so far (being that it is 1000mAh, 3.7v, li-ion, and has a 3-wire connector). I would by no means encourage anyone to try it. However, if any brave soul out there does decide to "go for it", kindly post back and let us know the results!

Seriously, though, it would be nice to see an approved replacement battery made widely available on the internet, if not in electronic stores.
we should all give like 50 cents and have a brave soul buy it and try it with their Pocket pro
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