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Uhm... I think there is something wrong with evaluating the prs300 and prs505 on "quantity of text" inside the screen, as both screens have exactly the same resolution thus exactly the same text rendering capabilities.

You should not "see" more or less text, given same font size, because switching between prs300 and 505 ...

If anything, prs300 should be sharper because pixels are more "compressed" which I find desirable on 5" screens...

CORRECTION: I see on another post, that given same book, zoom, page, the prs300 show 17 text lines, while the prs505 shows 25 textlines.

It seems then that the font used in the prs300 is slightly larger than the prs505.

I cannot wait for my prs300 to arrive. I should change its fonts (if there is a font hack available -I will have to search).

The fact that both screens share the same resolution, would allow me to have the exact same experience as I had in my prs505, with the prs300 provided I can upload the very same font! ... I will only read in a smaller screen.


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