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Originally Posted by Elfwreck View Post
Perhaps an 8-minute process--if I allow 3 for the computer to wake up. Since I work with my computer every day, and it doesn't turn off, the wakeup time for my computer is less than 30 seconds.

The rest of it? Less than 5 minutes. Less than two, if the wiring's all connected because it's a procedure I do often enough to leave them connected.

Of course, if you're new enough to the process that those are slow and clumsy steps, it will take longer. But don't blame the process for your lack of experience.

Why? So it can attract more people like you, who don't like anything currently on the market and complain that companies aren't working to meet your anti-tech preferences for an ebook reader?

It will only increase traffic if the "funky and modern" site doesn't drive away a substantial portion of the several thousand current members and hundreds of daily participants.

Right now, there are no complaints about the layout from people who read & love ebooks. There is occasional feedback about improvement possibilities--add a new forum, change how some labels work--but no complaints about the overall arrangement.

Are you GUARANTEEING several hundred fresh new participants, who will click on ads, if the forums are changed to fit your preferences? Because otherwise, you're wrong... the current arrangement works for hundreds of people, and we've only seen evidence that it doesn't work for one person.
I stand by my convictions.

you should be thankful for my valuable insights and for trying to make you rich.If you were smart you would take up my offer and use some of the advertising money to buy and then give away free ebook readers in a monthly competition here to members.This would increase your traffic enormously.

I stand by my convictions look upon my convictions ye mighty and despair .

Now getting back on track look at this.IT SEEMS TO BE PROMISING.

at less than a 100$.

It is a wiki reader.check it out.below.

This is more like it:

by Darren Allan

Openmoko has announced the US launch of its WikiReader, a portable device which provides offline access to Wikipedia articles.

Priced at $99, WikiReader features a basic monochrome touchscreen display, and three million English language Wikipedia articles stored on a microSD card.

The company plans to offer updated memory cards every quarter, so you can keep up to speed with Wikipedia’s ever-changing landscape. Minus the editing cat-fights, of course. A year’s subscription to the updates will cost $30.

While the display isn’t backlit, the good news is with a low energy consumption it will apparently run for the best part of a year on two AAA batteries.

No word yet on whether it’s due for a UK release.

amazing they can do it and the batteries last a year!!!!

for $99.

Now i wonder if can be used to read txt,html,rtf,etc...

i wonder how big the screen is?

================================================== ========

Here are the pictures:-

my review

oh my god it is so awful looking...

the proportions are all wrong!! a horrible square looks disgusting.

what were they thinking?

it looks so uncool....nobody would want to be seen dead with that...

what brain dead designer thought of that shape...why not rectangular....?

It is unwieldy, uncomfortable to hold,not ergonomic...what i the name of the designer?

so that i can give scold him severely....

designer morons...this is just awful and is destined to fail....

i had such high hopes....


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