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Question about the Sony ebook store, DRM, multiple devices

Sorry if this is kind of disjointed.

So far, the only books I've used on my 300 are books that I already had from when I used to read on my Palm, free classics and a couple of new releases I picked up from other online ebook stores. I haven't bought anything yet from the Sony store.

So, I have a couple of questions. I know I'll need to register my 300 on the Sony store site before I can buy books, and that the books from Sony are DRM'd. My husband is considering the possibility of getting his own reader... would we be able to register both readers to the same account so that we can share books that we buy there? I'm honestly not sure if any of the books I've bought so far even have DRM, so I'm not 100% sure about how that works, exactly.

After all that, which online ebook stores would you recommend for buying bestsellers and the like, that I guess are mostly DRM free and so could be shared between 2 readers in the same household? Or is the DRM easily removed? I get why the DRM is there, to prevent rampant public sharing and all that, but I'm certainly not going to buy two copies of an ebook for two of us living in the same house, kwim?

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