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Originally Posted by griffonwing View Post
Hrmm.. I can see why you would have a problem with this, but please answer 1 question.

How many email addresses were included?

As for flooding Astak (not Aztak) with spam for a simple, honest mistake is not a very considerate action. It tells the world exactly what kind of person you are, and frankly, I find you lacking in morality and ethics.

Not to mention a complete ass.
Hi Griffonwing:

Thank you for responding to my post from the ethical and moral high ground you inhabit by right of universal acclaim. In answer to your question about how many email addresses, I counted them for you (since you said please) and I got 214. I can send them to you or post them here in order to make sure we get the widest distribution possible. I hope I counted correctly or you will think that I can neither count nor spell. Thank you for your very considerate action of correcting my spelling, I meant no offense to the folks at Astak (or Aztak either), it was a simple, honest mistake.
In defense of myself, I did not recommend "flooding" Astak (or Aztac) with spam, though in hindsight I can see how my suggestion might influence others to act in an inconsiderate manner. I had hoped that my joking reference to the Nigerian emails would show the lack of seriousness in my suggestion. I should have used one of the "Smilies" for those who may be verbally challenged...haha. For anyone who has not received one of these emails, somebody told me that they were a scam. I certainly hope you will not now tell me that I have offended an entire country (I actually felt really sorry for that lady, I mean her husband died and she can't get her millions out of the country, bummer).
I am a little confused by your last incomplete sentence. I could not tell who (or whom, I never can get that right, add bad grammer to my lack of spelling ability, morality, ethics and, perhaps, counting) you were refering to. Oh yeah, now I've got it! Let me rephrase. I could not tell to whom you were referring, yourself or me. I finally decided that since the (incomplete) sentence appeared in what is traditionally the signature line you must not have wanted to "mention" yourself.
BTW, do we have a moderator? On most forums flaming is considered, if not immoral and unethical, bad form.
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