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Originally Posted by llreader View Post
Should I post screen shots, or something? Is no one else able to do this?
Here - I came to the same screens, no problems with not shipping to europe. Keep in mind that as you said, it's handled by a daughter company of Amazon / affiliate partner, not itself.

I considered buying it from, but refrained from doing so for three reasons:

1. With VAT (it's a risk - sometimes they charge it, sometimes they don't in my experience) it'd be nearly as expensive as ordering here with free shipping for E300,-.
2. I'm somewhat impatient and did not particularly feel like waiting several weeks.
3. The off chance sometime goes wrong and I could only get service / warranty done by sending it back to the US.

Points 1 and 2 don't seem to apply in your case, or less so since there is no local reseller and the 600 is not officially available in Spain anyway - if you're not in a hurry and spanish customs aren't too picky it would be an easy way to save ~ 25% of the purchase price. It's not Sony's first eReader and overall Sony tends to make good (though bloody expensive) products so the risk of having to send it back inside the warranty period is relatively small. Whether that is worth saving a lot on the purchase price is something you have to decide yourself.

Somewhat related: there are websites in the Netherlands with people buying items in bulk overseas to save on shipping - they generally ask for people to join in, and if enough people buy the item shipping costs drop to nearly nothing (of course, offset again by local shipping, but that's generally a lot cheaper). If there is such an initiative in your region as well, or even if you just know 3, 4 more that would want an ereader, it might be a good way to come out even cheaper.
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