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Originally Posted by Mike L View Post
So, you're saying that it thinks you are in the US, but still refuses to sell you the book? Is that right?

Is this a new "international" Kindle, or did you buy it before they became available?

And what book is it you are trying to buy?

Hi, Mike.
Thanks for your reply.
I've bought the Kindle DX a few weeks ago, a friend from US helped me with that. So it's the US version, which I registered on a new account; because I live in Belgium I had to create this new account, giving a fake mail address (somewhere in New York), and an email address ending with ".com". I thought it will work fine but...
It doesn't matter what book I try, it comes back with the same error message.
For example this one, or this one. Both are less than 5$, so a credit card check doesn't need to take place, is that right? But how to they know something is wrong? I'm using a US proxy, I have a email, a balance of 5$, and a US mail address. My Kindle DX is there, I can download the user guide.

[UPDATE]. If I try to browse without a proxy, I get the following error:
"You attempted to purchase an item while in a different country than listed on your Amazon account. Are you traveling outside your country?(...)"

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