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Originally Posted by ahi View Post
Try and keep your ignorant prejudices out of this thread.


luqmaninbmore and lev, does the data present in this article make the anti-Muslim bias seem less acute?

- Ahi
interesting article and yes that the misconception of Islam = arabs is unfortunately prevalent.

As to whether Amazon is biased on Muslim countries, I do not claim this to be so because of religion but there may be some other common issues that may be indirectly related such as censorship.

also obvious items such as Salman Rushdie's book or the Danish cartoon controversy may have made amazon policy makers re-think about how to handle such issues and may have deferred their launch until they sort it out. for example what will happen if you are subscribed to a magazine or newspaper that may have items that might be viewed as offensive to Muslims? Even though they are not directly responsible, there is a chance that their company may be targeted in such circumstances. having no control on the content of such items may have influenced their decision until they come up with a policy to handle such issues and not risk their global image. which I think is a legitimate concern for amazon.

Otherwise, as a corporation I do not believe Amazon will willingly limit their opportunity to make profit by discriminating against muslims. However, I also understand that they would want to protect their image of any problems that may arise because of such examples I gave.

having said all that, keep in mind that up until an hour ago i did not even think of such things and I do not want to rush in to judgements. Hence I want to point out that I may very well be wrong in my thinking.

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