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I find it quite odd that you can't find an EXACT replacement Pocket Pro battery anywhere on the internet except at the Astak site (and they say they only have 40 in stock. Who do they contact after they run out?). I've always been able to locate any type of hard-to-find battery on the internet for whatever device I needed it for (cell phone, digital camera, etc...). As people have pointed out, there are many polymer li-on 1000mAh, 3.7v batteries out there that look to be the the right fit, but none have the three connector wires. I do consider myself at least an amateur when it comes to being tech-savvy, but I've never taped or glued connector wires to a battery before. I'd also be kind of hesitant to try it (being that I wouldn't want to risk damage to the unit). As to Amy's reply to Jen: "We asked our manufacturer for the specs, and according to them, the battery is a very special model and its highly unlikely that it will be available in the US...", this doesn't seem to make any sense (not on Amy's part, but the manufacturer). We can only hope that eventually they (or so some acceptable generic brand) will become available via the internet.
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