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Question Cybook V2.0 Firmware Source Code Released?

Cybook V2.0 Firmware Source Code Released?

On the "Home>Support>GPL Source code" page of the Bookeen site at:
is a source code download titled "Cybook Gen3/Opus v2.0"

The download link points to this 124MB file:
Which (obviously) seems to have been posted 30 July 2009.

The .VERSION textfile within this download reads simply "2.0.942_GPL" and the README textfile says "Cybook Source version 2.0" but there is no more specific identification data I can locate.

I have no linux box, (and wouldn't know outright how to compile it if I did), to see what pops out of the compilation.

Is this the source code for the long-awaited Version 2 Adobe PDF/ePub Firmware?
If not, does anyone know what it might be?
If so, has anyone attempted to compile and run it?

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