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Since no one has replied with what URL they are using, I'm going to try to sort this issue out as best I can.

I should be able to use the source URL that is posted in this thread (the long URL where I replace YOURNAME and YOURPASS).

This isn't working for me, but it must be working for some people... (again, no confirmation, but I think Alexander's instructions and screen shots indicate that this should work.) According to other posts in this thread, the long URL isn't working for others. Is anyone getting the long URL to work?

When I enter the long URL in a browser (with my login info inserted), I get the expected Yahoo Mobile page. The resulting URL reads:

It is this URL that I must use to sync with iSilo if I want My Yahoo content. So far, this seems to be working OK, but there is no way that is going to continue to work. My login is getting saved obviously, but that is sure to expire.

To be honest, though, I am really only interested in the News portion. And I can get that without login credentials ( The news section doesn't seem to be affected by My Yahoo settings, so for me, this is likely the way to go. (if I don't need to login, I'm not going to worry about it)
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