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here is a new version of the Midori browser for firmware v1.7 (MD5: 3810a2c6ef4a0449ab15867256b88db9). List of changes:
  • Midori browser upgraded to version 0.1.10
  • MIME database added (i.e. browser can open images now)
  • Full screen mode is allowed
  • File open dialog changed (thanks Mackx for explaining)

To install a new version remove the _midori directory and the file midori.desktop in the Programs directory. It may be a good idea to make a backup of the file Programs/_midori/config/config if you made changes to browser's configuration. After that unpack the attached archive into the root of your device

To associate HTML files with Midori browser I edited the System/dr1000.ini file and changed the following line:
which requires device restart. Of course it's always a good idea to make a backup of that file before applying any changes.

To ExtraSF: I have not found CHM files among mime types supported by WebKit, so I think they will not be supported.

To robvh:
  1. I have not noticed empty scrollbars on small pages. Maybe it was fixed in 0.1.10.
  2. Links to pictures should work now.
  3. The file open dialog should be better now.
  4. I can't reproduce. I just go to Edit -> Preferences and after browser restart I can see configuration changes I made.

To Viacheslav: I know you prefer making start scripts to avoid the "Please, wait..." box, but I found that sometimes I see no changes while the application is starting and I think that is confusing. So I prefer to be annoyed rather than confused

Thanks to all of you who posted in this thread.
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