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Originally Posted by queentess View Post
Go check out the Kindle forums - it seems Amazon has finally cracked down on how people got around the US-only purchase for the Kindle (which you can't really be surprised by -- Amazon was quite clear that the Kindle was only for US users).
Actually I am not a different case, I am from outside the US, and was using a loophole, I am wrong and they are right, period. But I still am angry to be thrown out of the party.
I'll contact the person on the thread, and I hope I can at least spend the US$7 I still have as a gift card balance, that's still a book (or so) I can buy.
What still amazes me is how people still define arbitrary boundaries to internet content.
I'm trying to actually *pay* for content instead of lets say rapidsharing it, and some lawyer says because of some 40-year old treaty, I can't purchase (or rent, as it is) books from the US.
This is so myopic I almost hope publishing (along with music and video industry) dies a fiery death.
/rant off.
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