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Originally Posted by bspline View Post
Hi everyone,

being from Brazil, I had to use the "gift card" loophole to be able to purchase content for my iPhone Kindle.
Today I tried to "purchase" some free books and couldn'd do so because of geographical restrictions. Anyone else having this kind of problem?
Sadly this happened to me too when I tried to get the Random House freebies of the month. I don't know whether this is amazon flagging ip similar to their digital music stores, or specific to the RH ebook geographical restrictions. I haven't top up my GC balance to check on other ebooks.
If this is amazon finally doing the geographical restrictions, then I think I have to say goodbye to kindle purchases

Ah, well, at least there's still other store(s)....

Managed to ge around this with Hotspot Shield.
1. Download Hotspot Shield, install and run it. It would automatically set some sort of US IP address for your connection. From this on, all outgoing connection will be seen from this IP.
2. To to and sign in!
3. 1-click purchase.

I was able to download the purchased ebooks via normal 3G connection on my iPhone. I don't have to wifi my iPhone to the notebook running Hotspot Shield.

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