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Excellent Font from Microsoft Name DroidSansFallback for everyone to use

I have the same font name for everyone to use. It is from Microsoft, very reliable display containing most common chinese characters. Its display of english characters is also good. That is difficult to find. Enjoy.
Originally Posted by lovebeta View Post
This tool helps you to modify the fonts Kindle 1 used to render the ebooks. It is especially useful if you want to use Kindle 1 to read books in non-european languages, such as Chinese. This mod is applicable to Kindle 1 firmware 1.2 only. (I actually don't know how to do it in firmware 1.0.8 or lower.) This mod, however, does not apply to the NetFront browser.

DISCLAIMER: The author makes no guarantees and holds no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss of property that may result from the use of this mod! PLEASE PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

1. Make sure that you have firmware 1.2 for your Kindle 1.

2. Unzip the enclosed package to the root of your SD card. That is, "update_font_mod.v1.bin" and "\custom" should be in the root directory.

3. Put the SD card into your Kindle 1. Navigate the menu: "Home" -> "Settings" -> "Menu" -> "Update your Kindle" -> "OK".

4. Wait for the update to complete. Kindle should automatically reboot and you will be done after that.


1. Due to the usage of symlink, you will loose the usb access to your Kindle memory. You can however still access that space using Kindle itself.

2. There appears be a bug in the java mobipocket reader, that it cannot correctly make line breaks in CJK (because they don't have spaces between words). The link breaks were only correct for the smallest font size. This however can be somewhat remedied by inserting non-visible blank spaces between CJK characters.


1. If the Kindle can still boot into the normal screen, use the enclosed "update_font_restore.v1.bin" to restore to the factory setting.

2. If the Kindle cannot boot normally, pinch the reset hole on the back of your Kindle while hold down the "home" key. When the Kindle boots into the recovery mode, select 2 to "reset firmware". You will be back to factory setting this way, but you will also loose everything on the kindle memory.

Overall I think because of the second restore methods, this mod is fairly safe.


The included \custom folder is just for illustation purpose. Currently I only changed the default serif font to "DroidSansFallback" because DroidSansFallback contains fairly complete unicode characters and is free. Feel free to modify it to your needs. Remember that you have to bring your own font, as well as modify "" for this to work.


Special thanks to igor for his great effort on ebook hacking. I also took cues from similar hacks for the K2 by clarknova and superzhou.
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