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I think my problem may be in this step:

Go to MyFolder\prsfiles\font.1 and copy all three fonts in that folder to MyFolder\prsfiles\font.3.Next up, find that tt0011m_.ttf font file that you made in Step One. Copy it, go to MyFolder\prsfiles\font.3 and paste it there. When asked do you want to overwrite the file already there, select Yes.
So I'm suppose to go to the folder "font.1" and copy the 3 files that are there and then paste those 3 files on the "font.3" folder? But the folder "font.3" already had 3 files in there. And if then I'm going to place the file "tt0011m_.ttf" on the "font.3" folder why did I need to copy all 3 files in the first place? Shouldn't I had to copy only 2?
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