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Originally Posted by AndyQ
It only supports 1 html file at the moment, I'm looking at doing multiple html files.
Hah, I was just wondering if this was planned... I'm converting all my .lit files to HTML because I'm tired of keeping formats that die as my primary. HTML has formatting and will be around for a bit longer, I think. Some of them chunk into multiple HTML files, though. Ditto for some PDB files I break up with Amber Palm Converter. Would be nice to have a "bring in linked pages" or something, and to be able to specify one of the pages as a table of contents. Meanwhile, as a work-around for the other guy who was asking, I use HTMLDOC to combine the multiple HTML files into a single one, then bring that into BBeB Binder.

Of the multi-page HTML formats I've seen, these are two cases I think would need to be handled:
- Main book page with a TOC on it. Load the HTML TOC page, specify it's the table of contents. Use that to create the LRF TOC, then also use it to bring the linked documents into the main body of the book in the order listed
- Some documents have you just load the first part, then they link you to the next part at the end of each one. Probably not a good idea to try to bring them in automatically in this case, as it could create circular references if they have link-backs... Better there i guess to select multiple HTML pages and let the user put them in order, like HTMLDOC... which lets you do just that, with HTML output. Nice to avoid multiple tools, though, and their HTML output is ugly (not to view, but to try to edit).

For handling hotlinks, it would be cool if you could keep them active in the LRF format - I'm not familiar enough with the specs to know if you can do that outside the TOC. External (ie, not relative path links) would need to be unhotlinked (new word!) or annotated.

Overall, wonderful tool that's getting more useful all the time. Much appreciated.
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