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Originally Posted by Alexander
kennethmgreen, I will have a look at the yahoo channels again... last time i think they changed something with the login mechanism.
Thank you for your response, Alexander (and all your efforts with this site...)

Please note that I am getting this to work. I *am* getting content converted and synched over. I just don't know if I'm doing it right, and want to get scheduling to work. I had moved away from using iSilo for awhile, then upgraded to the latest version recently (from 3.5) and am getting back into converting content for mobile reading.

I am currently synching Yahoo News and getting things over to my Palm. So at least it's working... My concerns are:

1. Can this be done on a scheduled basis? (the URL I'm syncing to has to know that I'm logged in somehow). The short (resulting) URL doesn't have that.

2. The instructions should be clearer: What URL are we supposed to be using? The screen shots (beginning of this thread) indicate that the URL we're supposed to use is the modified one where we replace YOURNAME and YOURPASS. But the only way I can get Yahoo to work is by using the result of that URL.

As far as I can tell, the only way I could have any kind of success with scheduling would be to use a URL with my login info embedded. I just don't see any other way. And this is what make me wonder if the instructions at the beginning of this thread are correct - that the URL I should be using is the long one with YOURNAME/PASS inserted.

Can someone please confirm whether or not they have gotten Yahoo to synch correctly using the actual URLs at the front of this thread (using your own name/pass of course... )
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