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Originally Posted by richman View Post
Seems to me , the bottom line is how each person see's it, if 10 people see that the 505 has better black/white contrast , and 2 people see the 300 as better ,and 20 people see them as the same. Well , all that matters is that each person buys the one that feels BEST for them.
Well, there are more objective ways of measuring contrast - I have a machine that does it. In my view, this is the sort of question that machines are far better at answering than people are.

You can easily start to make things more complicated though. I prefer matt photographs to gloss. But does our perception of contrast in gloss or matt surfaces relate directly to the physical contrast of the surfaces or are there more subtle factors involved? For example, might a low contrast matt surface seem as contrasty as a higher contrast gloss surface. When you try to ask finer questions like these, I can see that there is some opportunity for debate. There are still fairly objective methods available to address these questions - the field is called 'psychophysics'.

The fact that there is only one supplier doesn't really mean that much - perhaps each vendor chooses different settings for the same screens, and certainly different ereaders may have different sheets of plastic to cover them - just take the touchscreen v. non-touchscreen ereaders as an example.
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