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well, after playing around with a new 600, i've gotta admit i'm rather disappointed. i think it's a step up from my kindle 2, but not as good as i was led to believe. i need to read pdf documents, and as someone stated earlier, they still haven't figured out how to get it right. it would be okay if the zoom function stayed on when changing pages, but it doesn't. whoever thought *that* up should be taken outside and shot. i've gotta believe that a software update would fix this, but what do i know? pdf's are still readable, but it's a lot of work; not what i expected. still, it's better than the k2. i just expected this to be closer to a mature concept than it is. ebooks are still in their adolescent stage, though, i guess

oh, and it's not possible to get a google book onto my mac and into the reader. so much for the 'free book' concept
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