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I don't know if the 5 inch screens and the 6 inch screens were made at same time or if each company adds or changes things that could impact slight differences in these ereaders. I don't know. It could be that they can slightly turn down the contrast at the expense of darker background. Most machines do have slight adjustments that can be made, also new and improve processes, and different batches could have been made slightly different.
It seemed that 6inch screens could be slightly different that 5 inch screens, and that is just what we are comparing in this thread. We are still investigating this and there seems to conflicting viewpoints from people that own these devices , it's something that should be looked into further.
Now if the manufacturer told us that between the dates of 10/08-12/08 same process, same company, then then we got new batch in and different company requested slight adjustment on background color being more white, and making the black not as black, that could be true. Since our computer screens have that ability , turn up one feature turns the other down to the same degree.

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