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yeah you are on the same page as me, you are saying investigate and question everything, and hold on to the best, but always OPEN to new ways of doing stuff.
I was just commenting on DrMoze "all or nothing" type reasoning.
Quantum Physic's redefined everything we thought we knew about science and made all of us step back and wonder if "it's a wave" or "it's a particle" , it states it does depend on the observer. So for DrMoze it could be just as he see's it, and the 2 other people that made the opposite claim as him, could be right too.
Seems to me , the bottom line is how each person see's it, if 10 people see that the 505 has better black/white contrast , and 2 people see the 300 as better ,and 20 people see them as the same. Well , all that matters is that each person buys the one that feels BEST for them.

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