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Originally Posted by kennyc View Post
There is no such thing as UNBIASED OBSERVATION.
Yeah, that is what I was trying to say too. It's too bad he doesn't understand what we are trying to tell him. For him to come back and say he is a scientist and lawyer and "he gives only the facts" , inferring the other people in this forum are "stupid" and not as capable of looking at the 300 and 505 and compare them, just seemed "old school" to me.
I remember a few teachers who had that way of saying things , "this is not an opinion, it is a fact".
The problem is that many of the things I was taught in school as FACTS 30 years later are "proved" not to be so clear cut.
Most modern scientists usually say something like " seems like it's this way, but we will need to investigate this more to make sure"
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