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Hi - this is my first post here and I'm a new eReader owner/user (only 2 days!).

Anyway, I picked up the 600 from Waterstones in the UK after digging around for information and playing with them in store. So far I'm enjoying it!

I'd been thinking about cases and hoped for something with lighting so I can read in bed without a lamp on.

Originally I was going to look at a proporta case (34.99 in Waterstones) and get a clip on light (around 10).

However, in Waterstones today they had the Sony light case for the 600 so I've bought that instead - it was 49.99 but when you buy the reader at Waterstones you get 7.49 credit on their store card so I paid about 42 for it.

Given this is my first reader and case it's difficult for me to compare to other cases available but I'll try and describe it a bit.

The back and front are rigid and magnetised so it stays shut nicely. Straight out of the box it lays flat on a table and can be wrapped around although the spine is rigid so it won't go completely flat while wrapped around.

It adds a little bulk to the reader due to the inbuilt light attachment but otherwise isn't much heavier or inconvenient to use.

The light itself runs along the length of the spine with a single AAA battery fitting in the middle part of the spine cover. The light tucks away nicely down the side of the reader when not in use.

In use the light is mounted using a bendable arm attached to a rotating mount at the spine. So to use the light, rotate the arm up initially and then bend the light to a convenient position.

The light has a high and low setting. Due to the reflective nature of the 600 screen you have to angle the arm so that the light isn't directly on the screen - it's easy enough to set but could mean that you have to hold the book in a limited number of positions to avoid seeing the reflected light (or adjust the light if that happens).... The light seems pretty powerful - enough to read in an entirely dark room.

Aesthetically the case is fairly plain - it has an embossed Sony logo on the front and "Reader" on the back and the inside cover is just plain black material.

So far it feels like it will do the job of providing basic protection while offering a built-in light source. I think that if you wanted to put this in a loose bag (hand bag, rucksack for example) you may need a bit more all round protection to avoid things scratching the corners etc.

Well - that's all I can think of!

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