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Originally Posted by sUnShInE
I think the crucial part you're missing is exactly what I did wrong as well:

iSiloX doesn't want your login info. Yahoo! does. You need to log into Yahoo! under your account with your computer -- that's where the login name & password come into play.

So, surf over to Yahoo! News (for ex), and login under your account. Then copy and paste the url (which should be something like the one I got above) into your ixl.

Hopefully this is a better explanation of how I fixed my problem. Keep me posted and we'll work you through it.
I am replying to a fairly old post, so forgive me if this question is "out there" ...

I am able to get Yahoo News content to my Palm (T|T, iSilo/iSiloX 4.01) using the methods above - using the resulting URL after accessing the link via the YOURNAME and YOURPASS link provided. (this really should be part of the instructions, by the way. I was experiencing the same problems posted by saw9000 on first page of this thread because I was making the mistake of trying to sync the YOURNAME/YOURPASS link.)

I understand that it is Yahoo that wants my login info and not iSilo. What I am confused about is this...

How do I keep the Yahoo login active? The resulting link can't be good for long. Do I need to manually go to the YOURNAME/YOURPASS URL every time I want to convert? If I want to use scheduled conversions, how would I stay logged into Yahoo? Is there a way to automatically login and convert all in one sync?

Am I missing an obvious solution here?
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