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Originally Posted by SolRaven View Post
Lev, I ended up buying both the pocketflex and travelflex by mightybright. Although I like the look of the pocketflex better, the travel flex has a tighter clip and more even light distribution. To me it feels like the travelflex will also last longer since the clip and lamp feel more sturdy.

I figured they were cheap enough and it's always good to have spare reading lights for my books as well. Plus, if you spend $25 on the MightyBright website shipping was free, so it made more financial sense as well.
Thanks for the tips SolRaven.
I actually found an old book light given to me a while back. so far I quite like it and its pretty portable. however the clip is a bit tight. will try it for a while to see if it will leave a mark on the leather (still waiting for my cover to arrive!!). Otherwise I will definitely go for the travelflex.

here's a picture of the one I'm using. sorry its in japanese as it was given to me when i was's quite portable as it folds nicely and very flexible to adjust. two LED lights light up the screen very nice and evenly.イデアインターナショナル...4133308&sr=1-3

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