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What's wrong with this epub file?

I bought the latest Diana Gabaldon book from in epub, and try to read it in Calibre. When trying to view, the following error comes up. DRM-disinfecting software also produces the same error. Does anyone know what the root cause of this is (in non-developer English please - I don't fully understand the error message) and if it can be fixed?

Interestingly, ADE and my Sony can open and read the file just fine.

The error is:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Applications/", line 59, in run
File "threading.pyo", line 477, in run
File "calibre/ebooks/oeb/iterator.pyo", line 140, in __enter__
File "calibre/customize/conversion.pyo", line 208, in __call__
File "calibre/ebooks/epub/input.pyo", line 106, in convert
File "calibre/utils/zipfile.pyo", line 1013, in extractall
File "calibre/utils/zipfile.pyo", line 1001, in extract
File "calibre/utils/zipfile.pyo", line 1039, in _extract_member
File "calibre/utils/zipfile.pyo", line 949, in open
BadZipfile: File name in directory "OEBPS/Ga" id="f035" media-type="image/jp" and header "OEBPS/Gaba_9780307372338_epub_c79_r1.htm" differ.

Thanks for your help.
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