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Originally Posted by bkilian
You don't need to give the reader a choice, you can get the same functionality as the history button by hitting menu then 6. Paging forward/back is used far more often then history browsing, so I don't think it would be a huige hardship for people to use the history menu instead of a history button.
You *really* don't need to give the reader a choice, because the right motion can be used to move to the next page in the history when there *is* such a beast, and otherwise move the the next page. Every once and a while someone could get caught because they hit back a couple of times, started reading, and then hit forward which now takes them through the history instead of to the next page, but in that very rare circumstance, you can always just hit back and then use one of the *other* two page forward buttons.

I agree that the right jiggle when there is no forward history would make a nice alternative "next page" option, I just don't think any of the current functionality needs to change.
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