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Thanks for the information, I downloaded Mobipocket Reader on my PC and started using it. I don't have my Ipod Touch delivered yet so I can't test on it yet.

Question: When you move the feeds from your PC over to your Ipod Touch, they are just feeds right and not the whole article (as in the 3 examples above)?

If that is the case, couldn't one just any RSS reader that is native on Ipod touch to do the same thing? It is true that in that case the feeds may not be embedded in a nice reader like Kindle software, but I am just wondering. Also, it looks like in either case one would have to be on-line with the Ipod Touch to read the article. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ideally what I would like to do is periodically archive some content on my Ipod Touch for reading when it is not on-line.

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