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Here's the odd thing. I took a pdf, converted it at 166 dpi, so
2075x3652 (and I tried 83 dpi, so 1037x1826). Just testing, i tried
converting the PDF at 332 dpi, so the resulting images were 4150 x
7304. I cut both set of images in half. (so really 1037x913,
2075x1826 and 4150x3652).

Each one of the images ended up looking the exact same. Small, medium,
and Large created the same amount of scrolling-around space, and the
text in the pdf was dithered beyond what was done on the computer
(previewed in the sony connect reader).

Anyways, this all leads me to believe that on pictures that are larger than a certain size get downsized--just like if I don't cut the rasterized pdf images in half, it won't let me scroll around the whole page even in "large" mode--it stays zoomed out enough that you can't read the text.

So, I think the formula applies for smaller images, but I think there are hardset limits for larger images.

So, its doing some funky resizing, and I *really* want to get the DPI
that I should convert PDFs nailed.


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