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My first dedicated ebook reader


I've been reading ebooks since 2000 (thank you BAEN books) and yesterday I bought my first dedicated reader. Until then I had used PDAs, a tablet PC and most recently a blackberry to read. I wanted something that was small and easy to carry. And while I was enamored of the idea of an always connected device, keyboard/touch screen, mp3 player, etc. I eventually realized that I would almost never use most of that. It came down to a face off between the Cybook Opus and the Sony unit. At $80 cheaper and something I could see in a store, the PRS-300 won out. I wish it supported mobi format books since most of my library is in that format, but I can live without that. I wish the ebook software user interface looked nicer, but I can live with that also.

The only oddity I had was when I loaded some Sony format books then registered the device in Adobe Digital Editions. When I went back to read the books in that format they text looked like Sanscrit! Even deleted and re-adding them didn't work. The book I had in epub format was fine. I eventually re-downloaded the books in epub format and they are fine. Since then I bought a book from Sony's store and it is also fine. I am not sure what happened.

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