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Macs and STAReBOOK

Hi all,

Thought it may be of use to someone out there, so I thought I'd report on my use of the STAReBOOK with a mac.

When you connect the unit to a mac via USB you get the SD card mounted as drives. You can copy STK files directly to the SD card this way and open them by browsing the SD card on the unit.

To make use of the eRead software you'll need to run Windows one way or another.

I have a bootcamp partition running windows XPsp2, which I access either booting into windows directly or by running Parallels . Both let me access the STAReBOOK over USB and run the eRead software.

Parallels is the preferred option as I don't need to reboot to use it.

Everything works as it should once the STAReBOOK is detected by windows.

It charges fine by USB no matter what its plugged into .

if you have any more Q's just ask,

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