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Well I bought a 600 last night from best buy to try and see if it works, but I must admit I was so impressed with how it looks and everything about this ebook and so on.

But I will be returning it today because it seems what I want is just not there yet. My pdf files are unreadable and I know its not the readers fault. These are gaming books which use a much larger page size then a normal book and to zoom and pan is simply to much of a pain in the butt. Maybe with a bigger screen or something it may work out better, the landscape mode helped some but not enough.

Now as for manga and such it did work out better once I did some messing around but it still let me down hard. At first the images were 100% unreadable, but then I cracked open photo shop and resized files and tried all diffrent sizes till I found that its best at 800x600, I know its not an even change on the size but trust me it made it easier to read. Not 100% but like 85% better. As said above the ones that are edited after the fact are easier to read then a direct copy of it which has the type very faded and to small even at the right size. I must admit after looking at some photos on it the detail from only the gray colors was very impressive honestly.

Now it is still a very good reader so don't misunderstand what I'm saying, it just doesn't do what I'm looking for is all, I was really looking for a replacement for having a backpack full of books is all.
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