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Originally Posted by NatCh
If you just need to convert MP3s to AAC, you might try Audacity. I haven't tried such a conversion with it, but I know it will do them. It has been extremely usable for what I've used it for: converting tapes to CDs.
The easiest way to do this is and keep it in itunes for use with your ipod is simply to select the tracks and right click on them. Select "Convert Selection to AAC", and then wait

AAC has the added benefit of having a smaller filesize for the same quality (or higher quality for the same filesize).

of course if you don't want them in iTunes then audacity is a good option.

But please remember folks, every time you convert between formats (or within the same format) you WILL loose quality. I'm sure for audio books it doesn't matter much, but some people can and will notice.

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