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Originally Posted by travis View Post
Thanks for such an informative post. Two questions:

1) There is nothing Kindle-specific about what you are doing on the Iphone, right? so you could use most any reader, not just Kindle?

2) Is retrieved content via mobipocket on PC expensive?

I'm not sure I understand your first question right. Anyway I try to answer it:

1. other reader software on iPhone (not Kindle app): as long as such reader software can read mobipocket file format (.prc), it should be able to read the content. However, the way each reader keep their enew/ebook files on iPhone are different. For some software, you need to download each feed one by one through their specific screen interface; you cannot simply copy those files to a specific folder because there are some internal arrangement by the software during the download process. So far I only find Kindle app allowing me to simply copying the prc files to its internal folder, and the Kindle app can read it right away. For example, Stanza app on iPhone, it cannot see prc files on their download screen interface, it can only see epub files; you also cannot simply copy epub files to any Stanza internal folder, as I explained above.

2. other ereader tablet: I cannot tell whether you can, or if you can, how to copy the prc files into those tablets (if it support prc files). I have no experience to any dedicated ebook reader hardware.

As you know, Apple do not provide data transfer via usb (except some specific media files through iTunes), you need to do it somehow via wifi. I found this extremely inconvenient. iPhonebrowser is a god-send tool which allows me to transfer files between iphone and my PC via usb cable, off course as long as you find which folder in the iPhone pertaining to your iPhone apps. Apart from Kindle, I found Goodreader, iSilo, and Quickoffice folders which I could simply copy my documents into.

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