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Read full-content feeds on iPhone Kindle App

I love the mobipocket/mobireader on my Nokia E51 symbian, Palm, and Pocketpc PDA. I usually subscribed several enews in Mobipocket on my PC desktop and automatically sync to my device. It was very fast, easy, and convenient to read offline enews from the combination of tools. It's strong point was it can retrieve full enews content, not just the synopsis. I can read The Econimists, Psychology Today, Scientific American, etc. in full content!.

When I switch to iPhone, I've realized that I cannot find any good replacement software for my mobipocket. I cannot get full-content feeds from any iPhone app. I've tried Calibre on desktop; even it can retrieve full-content feeds, it was very slow and always drag my PC to crawl when retrieving the feeds. Now I've found an excellent way to do it; though not that convenient as the mobipocket/mobireader tools.

What I need are:
- on PC, mobipocket on desktop (the same software I used earlier)
- on iPhone, Kindle app from Amazon
– on PC, iPhonebrowser (it is like a file explorer showing every folder/file in your iphone)

I use mobipocket on desktop to subscribe and retrieve my feeds as usual. It is fast and convenient as usual. However, what I lack is the ability to automatically sync the content with my iPhone. So how can I move the feeds to my iPhone?

The solution is a 3rd party freeware iPHonebrowser (now version 1.9.1).

After connecting my iphone to my PC via usb cable, I just run iphonebrowser. Find the folder where Kindle app keeps all the ebooks in you iPhone (in my iPhone, it is "/User/Applications/96B0846D-F49A-4F96-8D08-90E1E9A4B09B/Documents/eBooks" folder ); then open the folder (you should also add this folder as one of your favourite folder so that you can find it easily next time).

On your PC, after mobipocket completes retrieving your enews, open your file explorer and go to "c:\Documents and Settings\xxxyourusernamexx\My Documents\My eBooks\Feeds\" folder. This is where all your feeds are kept. Sort the file listing by type, you can see all the files with prc extension grouping together; these are all your enews files. Select all prc files and just drag them to your iphonebrowser folder! Then open your Kindle app on your iPhone, you can see list of those enews, and enjoy reading them!

Next time you refresh your enews on mobipocket desktop, you just repeat the same process:
- open iphonebrowser,
- open the Kindle ebooks folder,
- open the same mobipocket Feeds folder on desktop,
- and copy all those prc files (same filenames but with updated content inside) to your iphone via iphonebrowser. The old files on your iPhone will be replaced by the new files.

Now I'm very happy to have those full-content feeds on my iPhone and I'll miss my Nokia less than before.

Hope this is of interest for some of you.

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