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Yeah , that's why I think DrMoze comment seemed too absolute, seems like either some screens may come out of production line with slight tint on them making them appear whiter, or sony adds something , or people just "project" their stuff onto the screen, or the lighting is different in room they are testing. I don't know but I was just commenting that it doesn't seem to be a black and white issue. (pun intended)

Now the 6 inch screen from production line in past and the 5 inch screen production from NOW could be different so we are in a way trying to see if tech level increased or if they are the same or to cut costs they are using inferior process? I don't know and I guess that is what we are trying to figure out. Also the process itself may have ability to adjust settings via computers to make it appear either more whiter (milky) or grayer background to make the black print darker. That is also a possibility. The same as I do on my computer screen , I can turn down the contrast and make the Black less black or turn up the contrast and make the LIGHT less light and make the black darker. I can have one or the other, but not both.

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