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Originally Posted by DrMoze View Post
No, no, no. The 300 has a slightly whiter background and slightly better contrast than the 505--not a big difference, but definitely in favor of the 300. And the number of greyscales has nothing to do with text contrast. The edges of individual characters are sharper on the 300 than on the 505. And this is fact, not a matter of opinion.

Gee, that type of opinion " this is fact, not a matter of opinion" , seems so old school. Did you have someone from past that used to talk to you like that? "My way is the LAW" and all the other people are stupid. That attitude starts the "religious wars" and "cold wars". How do you like it if I said to you? "It's a FACT the 505 screen is Blacker than the 300 and it's not an opinion but a FACT." Then start a FEUD on this board, or start a fist fight to PROVE to me you are RIGHT? Childish behavior but most of humanity still engages in it.

Bro it's better to say, "when I look at it the 300 looks whiter and blacker than 505", then quote a PRO source or 2 that confirms it". It seems that most people seem to say the white on the 300 is whiter than 505, but there are conflicting views on if the BLACK is as Black. More than one person has commented on it. So the 300 seems to have washed out appearance compared to 505. But the 300 is much better in contrast to the 600 and much, much better than the 700.

I should add I have not seen the 300 so I can't give my opinion, but I have been reading the reviews from the pro writers and people on this board that own both of them or have gone into store to compare them, and see there is some difference in opinion on comparing contrast on 300 and 505. Gee, if 10 people look at them and some say one thing and some say another thing, seems like it's open to interpretation to me.
It isn't a big deal, because both 300 and 505 are great devices.

I hacked my 505 and put on it a Bold Black font on it so I'm not sure I would compare them because I'm not using the default font. The 300 is not hacked yet , but hopefully it will be and then we can see if a different font makes it blacker or if it's just the screen that sony altered slightly to give a more whiter appearance at the expense of slightly less Black print. I don't know but that could be possibility.

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