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Originally Posted by Superlucky View Post
Preferences -> Add/Save

Change the regular expression from "(?P<title>.+) - (?P<author>[^_]+)" to "(?P<title>.+)".

I think that should work.
Not working. It seems to be as if when there is no author, the author comes up UNKNOWN. Who the heck wants to see UNKNOWN in the title of the book? Unless it is part of the title of the book?

It was a good thought. And it should work. I wonder why it isn't working?

The TITLE seems to work for the folder, but not the title itself. If I had a file named "The Shadow.txt" it would upload as

"Unknown/The Shadow/The Shadow - Unknown.txt"

I have REMOVED all pointers to the authors under ADD/SAVE and yet they turn up anyway? I even exited the program and reloaded and still it happens? Is this a bug in Calibre, or am I in the wrong parameter?

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