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m218A and m218B firmwares

Originally Posted by Kralik View Post
Indeed, we have a success story? VERY interesting! So you can load the A or B firmware? When I tried A it rejected it (saying to load B). With fonts - can you load your own? A mini-walkthrough would be appreciated. Which do you prefer, A or B? Can you describe feature differences?
I loaded both A and B firmware. For me, there was no rejection when I loaded A++ firmware. First, I had loaded A++ firmware and then loaded B firmware. I think B is better cause it has awesome flash player. But, my second trial to load B firmware from original firmware failed. So, I guess original --> A++ --> B is the right path to load B. Chinese firmware has a font choice option for txt files. To use your fonts, save your fonts under 'fonts' directory of the root directory of your SD. Remember, when you load A or B firmware, choose 3rd language for system font.

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